• Gina Abbas

Another book is in the works!

Here is the news....

Today a friend and I printed, signed, scanned and emailed in a BOOK CONTRACT. Then we fist bumped instead of high fiving. Corona virus and all. Book #2 is happening! I am grateful for all the opportunities I get to collaborate on projects with truly wonderful people.

Is writing your dream? Keep writing. Keep inviting friends into projects with you when you can. See what happens when you have the courage to show up and share.

Putting words out into the world can feel a little revealing...The best stories are sometimes the hardest to tell. Every once in awhile, your work isn’t as good as you think it is. And sometimes, maybe more often than not, it’s better than you know. And then just maybe you keep getting asked to write and end up....a writer.

This new book baby will enter the world in 2021


❤️Thank you to the door openers. I wouldn’t be here without you.❤️

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