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Apparently I am not that Crunchy

Homemade Dishwashing Soap FAIL

After attempting to detox my home, use less chemicals, reduce my carbon footprint and be a more environmentally friendly kind of person, I attempted to make my own....well everything. Homemade laundry soap. Homemade dishwashing detergent. Homemade household cleaner. After $500+ in essential oils, glass bottles, mason jars, Costco sized baking soda, vinegar in bulk, and a good chunk of my day off- I made lots of homemade products. [ok so sometimes I am an all or nothing person, not my greatest strength]

Friends, it wasn't worth it! I confess, I am not all that committed to being a crunchy mama. My friends could have told you that when they made fun of me for shopping the Farmer's Market for my locally grown SIXTY DOLLAR free range Thanksgiving turkey AND still order a truckload of Schwan's frozen food dropped off at my door. I am a contradiction. And I am ok with that. I think. So here are my main problems with all of this crunchy mama homemade essential oil crazy goodness. 1. It's too time-consuming. I work Full Time. I need time to catch up on Nashville, Scandal, HGTV, and time to actually do my laundry, play with my kids, and wash my dishes. The added time and pressure of needing to make non cancer causing detergents and cleaners is overwhelming. REALLY OVERWHELMING. 2. The homemade stuff doesn't get the job done. Maybe it's me. Maybe I need to play around more and scour the interwebs for better recipes, but that points me back to problem #1....I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THAT! Yes, I LOVE my Essential Oil roller bottles and diffuser blends but seriously, make all my cleaning products? Make my own deodorant? Nope. I just can't because, well I don't have time and they DON'T WORK that well. My dishes were a cloudy mess and smelled like vinegar. My laundry? Static filled and scratchy. Homemade deodorant? Yup, you guessed it, not a successful endeavor either. The solution? I found one! I can still be environmentally friendly and not fill my home with toxins. One of my favorite friends told me about E-Pantry. Oh. My. Gosh. A lifesaver. A time saver. My new favorite thing.

Let me tell you about E-Pantry! An online retailer sending environmentally friendly cleaning and personal products straight to your doorstep at a discount. Every product has been tested by industry experts for health, effectiveness, and environmental impact.

Here is the scoop on E-Pantry:

  1. A small team, all based in one office in San Francisco, CA.

  2. ePantry carbon offsets 100% of shipments at no cost to you.

  3. Their CEO (Stu) loves to answer customer emails, especially early in the morning.

  4. ePantry is a B Corp. There are only 1,000 of them and include companies like Patagonia & Ben and Jerry's, that prioritize social and environmental good as well as profit.

  5. Every time you get a shipment, you help save 25 sq. ft of rainforest through the Arbor Day foundation.

  6. 100% happiness guaranteed. If you're 84% happy with something, we'll 100% make it right.

Give it a try! Try it through this link to help me earn a little E-Pantry credit.

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