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Creating your own graphics and flyers

I've been using Picmonkey for a few years now for all things graphic design. Because ya know that's NOT what you went to seminary for, to design Facebook cover images, Instagram promo picts and event reminders on twitter. I love Picmonkey. If you want to edit some photos, throw together a handy dandy event flyer or make some awesome slides for a teaching....picmonkey has you covered.

You can use Picmonkey for free but of course if you want all the snazzy add-on's and extra tools you should totally become a premium member [still super affordable at $33 a year]. Here are some things I made for youth group promos using Picmonkey. Here are some things Picmonkey can do for you [there are MANY more fun uses too].

1. You can make Facebook covers EASILY. I make event pages for all of our youth group events. Let's be honest...FB is more for reminding parents than kids. Teens don't use Facebook that often anymore.

2. Make images for Instagram to promote youth group events

3. Use the Picmonkey Chrome extension to pull graphics straight from the internet that you want to edit or mess around with. Please obey all copyright laws. Oops. I am sure I've abused the wonderfulness of Google images. Here is a sample. I wanted to make a Winter Camp Promo. So I typed in the graphic I wanted to find and it popped up on good ol' Google. Next, click the cute little monkey's head.

BOOM you can now pick the graphic you want to use and it opens up in Picmonkey all nice and wanting to play.

Have your tried Picmonkey yet? I think you will love it. Let me know what you think.

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