• Gina Abbas

How to Make Parent Packets for YM

Have you heard about parent packets? They are MY FAVORITE! Want to show parents how super organized you are and give them a GREAT first impression of your student ministry? Make parent packets. During the summer we begin assembling a ton of parent packets and get them ready for small group launch in September. What is a parent packet? It’s a colorful little envelope filled with well designed [as in it looks Microsoft Publisher 1999 edition here] info for parents to know about our student ministry.

The parent packet we use includes:

  • Student ministry calendar for the school year w/ every big date on it for planning ahead

  • Student ministry “101” card with all the lingo and basic 411 of everything we do

  • Staff picture so they can know our beautiful names and faces!

  • A permission slip/release form for their child to participate in all of our awesomeness all year long

  • Small group leader profile cards for parents to have the name and contact information of their child’s SGL

It's all in a color coded envelope [a different color for each phase/stage] and sent to parents the week after our Fall Kick Off. We keep several on hand to send to parents of new students through out the year once they become "regulars" and want to keep coming.

Need help or ideas for partnering with parents well? Check out Go Weekly from Lead Small. They have a handy dandy Family Welcome Kit you just might adore as much as I do. So MANY resources for a stinkin small price. So worth it.


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