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What's on your desk?

This week there are a few “seasonal” things on my desk. I imagine some of these things just might be on our your desk too. Summer Calendars, Summer Mission Trip Packets, and coffee. Coffee is a must, right? I always like fun posts about “what’s in your bag” or looking at other people's grocery lists. My favorite is the #deskie. I love these blogs/posts because in each picture there is usually a shred of connection. Something I have in common with other humans. Or other youth pastors. I love having a “me too” moment. So let me share what’s on my desk and you can share what’s on yours. #deskie

1. My favorite and most often used web based resource...a subscription to Orange’s Go Weekly. Worth every penny. Probably worth more than every penny...but I will take the $14.99 a month price thank you very much. A to-do list to keep you on track as a youth worker with all the things we all should be emailing parents, connecting with leaders, training volunteers. Packed with quality...and I mean QUALITY resources you will love like videos, handouts, e-books, etc. Each month they add more and more for you to better partner w/ parents and equip your volunteers.

2. Our Middle School Summer Calendar. I used to have a HUGE and OVERLY programmed summer calendar filled with way toooooo much. so We have a pretty basic one to keep momentum going while giving small group leaders a much needed break. There are 4 Bible Studies, a Movie Night, Color Wars, a 3 day Summer Camp, and a 4 Day Service Trip.

3. Our Summer Service/Mission Trip Packet. It’s that time of year where we are putting all the details together for our summer service trip. I’ve done several trips with CSM in Los Angeles and excited to be going to Detroit with our middle schoolers this summer. As a church committed to hearing the voice of the oppressed and supporting sustainable models of outreach towards measurable change, CSM is a great fit. It’s also a really educational trip where our students will learn about poverty, diversity, and social justice issues, as well as issues surrounding the availability of nutritious food in low-income urban environments.

4. My current favorite Study Bible. It’s so important to study scripture in it’s Jewish and early Christian context. This First Century Study Bible makes it super quick and easy to gather important historical background information on the Biblical text without having to head over to a seminary library. I am loving this Bible our teaching pastor Kent Dobson worked on with Zondervan. It’s a really helpful resource to have on hand as I write curriculum and prep messages or talks.

5. A Starbucks card...because why not? I was given this one as a thank you for a project I helped with. Starbucks = my favorite way to appreciate others or to receive myself. So thanks awesome co-worker for the Starbucks card!!!!

#what39sonyourdesk #deskie #favoritethings

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