• Gina Abbas

Summer Camp

Say yes. Every year before heading out to summer camp, I remind adult volunteers to say YES to students as often as possible. Wanna play football with me? Yes. Wanna swim in the lake with me? Yes. Can we go on a flashlight hike? Yes. Can we get ice cream? Yes. Can we stay up REALLY late? Yes. Dazzle students with as many “YES’s” as possible. Recently, our teaching pastor, Kent taught on the word “YES” It’s one of MY favorite words. You can hear that teaching here.

Don't you love an unexpected yes? A yes inviting us into adventure. A yes inviting us to play. A yes beckoning us to put away our phones, our distractions and our busyness to focus on more important things. Important people. To get on the floor and play legos with a two year old at home or say yes and throw a frisbee around with a 13 year old student at camp. Yes means you are important. Yes means I have time for you. Yes is so much better than MAYBE. Because I hate MAYBE. What do you think about the word “MAYBE?”

Maybe is a word that drives my kids crazy. “Mom, MAYBE always means no!”

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