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Joining the team at Multi-Multi

February 21, 2020

Episode 50 has dropped on the Multi-Multi podcast! I am thrilled to announce that I have joined the team at Multi-Multi and will be hosting this podcast with my friends Joe Crabb, Kim Schuler, and EJ Swanson! 

 A podcast in which we talk about the multitude of multi-site student ministry. I am excited to serve youth workers who are running a ministry in a multisite context through this podcast and learn alongside you too.  

Writing portfolio

My freelance projects 

Multi Multi Podcast

In this conversation we hear all about how their team has moved from being strangers to family, practical ways to create community, and how to address/fix the communication breakdown!

Youth Ministry Answers

Gina Abbas joins Kenny and Elle to talk about how to help students in your youth ministry build relationships with people outside the church. 

Writer for The Small Group Network

I am on the communications team for The Small Group Network. Writing content and participating in creative meetings to advance small groups in churches worldwide. 

Contributor to XP3 Middle School Curriculum

Contributor to XP3 Middle School content. 


My Book- A Woman in Youth Ministry

This book is full of stories and rants and blessings and cone-of-silence honesty. Gina Abbas is a storyteller, a listening ear, and an honest coach. She pulls no punches and bares her deepest pain and joy. And over and over again Gina provides encouragement and practical help for youth ministry leaders who sometimes feel like they are going it alone.

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